How To Download

Hi visitor,

If you are facing any problem in downloading files then check below guide. Hope it will help to make things easy.

How To Download

  • Click on app/game/theme which you want to download.
  • After clicking, it will take you to post page.
  • Check pictures and description to get information about required app/game/theme.
  • At end of post you will find download links.

Note: Various kind of links will be available which points to other file hosting sites drop. Click on link and it will take you to that site page from where you can download your file.

  • If Link shows app name. Click on it. It is direct link and your file will start downloading instantly.

  • If you are downloading game with data then it will have OBB as well. Download OBB and extract it into SD/Android/obb.

  • After clicking obb link, it will take you to cloudmail site. Its Russain hosting site but dont worry, check below picture to download your file.

  • Click on any one button and your file will start downloading immediately.

We hope this tutorial will help you. If you still feel any issue, let us know in comments and we also solve asap.

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